In-Kind Gifts

We appreciate – and depend upon – material contributions. Material gifts or services play a critical role in our ability to provide the opportunity to use budgeted monies elsewhere.

Here is a sampling of items we regularly (and love to) receive. These gifts come from parents (or their respective businesses, friends, and relatives), neighbors, companies and others:

  • Art materials
  • Athletic equipment & concessions
  • Auction items
  • Camping equipment
  • Classroom items requested by the Guide
  • Computers and related equipment
  • Drivers for field trips
  • Food goods and services
  • Furniture: chairs, desks, cabinets and much more
  • Garden supplies & services
  • Kitchen equipment & services
  • Lighting & sound for our stage
  • Library books
  • Maintenance services: carpentry, plumbing, etc.
  • Maintenance supplies & equipment
  • Montessori materials from other schools
  • Musical instruments
  • Office supplies
  • Outdoor storage structures
  • Outdoor or building services
  • Professional services: legal, real estate, financial, & personnel advice
  • School Store goods

We wish to extend our appreciation to those who support the Earth School to help us meet our day-to-day needs. Thank you!