Staff, Parents, and Children of FMES,

Portland Parks and Recreation is designing a new park on property right next to FMES. They have a lot of great ideas, and they are looking for public input. We were privileged to host an event last week for the community where people from around the neighborhood, speaking English, Russian, Somali, Nepali, and Bhutanese came together and gave their opinions on a few proposed designs for the park. As neighbors and likely users of the new park, Portland Parks wants our feedback as well. Take a look at the webpage below and then take the survey. The survey has visuals on the two options that are being proposed, plus some easy-to-answer, do-you-prefer-this-or-that kind of questions. This could be a great civics lesson to do with your children, showing them how their voice matters in the shape the city takes.

Best Wishes, Urban Planners,
Marc Boucher-Colbert
FMES Urban Planning Division


Your feedback is important to us!
Guide us to shape the final proposed design, bringing together the best features for the new park.
Take the survey:
Survey Deadline: April 23, 2017, 10:00PM

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