Scrip Program

What is it? Very simply, you buy gift cards to over 100 shops and services that you would normally use. In turn, the vendors return anywhere from 4% – 12% of the face value of the gift cards back to the school.

Visit SCRIP Website
The list of participating vendors has grown to well over 100. Here is a small sample:

Fred Meyers, Safeway, New Seasons, Jiffy Lube, Oil Can Henry’s, Stanfords, Pastini’s, Olive Garden, Subway, Pizzicato, Payless Shoe, J.C. Penny’s, Kohl’s, Gap, Old Navy, REI, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Regal Cinemas, Barnes & Noble, Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, Starbucks, Peet’s – the list goes on and on.

Last year, 49% of all FMES families participated in SCRIP, earning the Parent Association over $7,200, and funded activities like our annual Harvest Carnival and Field Day events..The Scrip Program and now the Newer eScript on-line buying program make this one of the easiest, least intrusive, most inexpensive ways to support the school. Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. We’ve set our sights to doubling the Scrip earnings and can only do this with your help.

We Make It Easy!!!

One: Buy Gift Cards! You can buy gift cards in the front lobby. The SCRIP table is open Monday – Friday from 8:15-8:45.  This is a great opportunity to get to know other parents in the school. Volunteer for either time slot. A one month commitment for either time slot is preferable. Please let us know if you are interested in helping!

We keep a modest inventory of the most popular cards. Pick and choose the one’s you want. Gift cards generally range in price from $10 – $100. Remember, we only take cash or checks.

Two: Pick up or download an order form and fill it out at your leisure. Any of the over 100 different gift cards can be ordered and are delivered directly to your Parent File Folder. Orders received by Monday at 10am will be delivered on Friday of the same week!

Three: On-line shopping through eScrip! It doesn’t get any easier than this. If you are an on-line shopper or want to explore, opportunity knocks. Go on-line at and register your credit card. Then click on On-line Mall. There are a bizillion different vendors. Once you put an item in your cart, you can see what the eScrip contribution is to the school. Our group ID number is 152931812.

Four: Earn 1 Fair Share hour for every $250 Scrip purchase! 


It Won’t Cost You Time        *        It Won’t Cost You A Dime        *        It’s Win/Win