The Earth School is very blessed to have an active and engaged family community. The work of our dedicated volunteers covers virtually all aspects of the school’s operations and student life. Volunteering in our community is a wonderful way to meet other Earth school families and form the lasting friendships that make your experience here even more unique.

All Earth School families are asked to participate in our Fair Share Volunteer Program. This program is designed to encourage every family to engage in the community and take an equitable role in fostering its success. The details of our Fair Share program are listed in the section below.

If you have questions about Fair Share or would like to volunteer in our community, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 503-760-8220 x211.

If you are a parent or family member that would like to log your volunteer hours, please visit our Fair Share Tracker application by clicking the link below or by visiting: fairshare.fmes.org

Fair Share Program Information