Dear Earth School Families & Staff:

We unite today in prayer and thought as we remember the horrible event of 9/11. Each of us probably recalls where we were and what we were doing when this tragic day happened. Let us never take for granted our freedom and responsibility that comes with this freedom.

Saturday, we celebrated with great joy 40 years of serving our FMES/SFA community. It truly was wonderful. Moving the event from Bridal Veil to the school plus all of the planning could never have happened without so many people. Tanya Offerdahl and the committee members, staff, and so many made this day a day to remember. Archbishop Sample was outstanding with his support of the school. Our Sisters from Connecticut expressed their gratitude and continued support for all. Each of the speakers brought a message of wonderful memories and appreciation for all. Thank you to all who attended. What a huge crowd with great laughter and sharing. We have a right to be proud and at the same time remember “we have only just begun.” As we move into the future, let us remember our past, live deeply the present and look forward with hope and anticipation for the future.

Please remember to turn in paperwork. If you plan to volunteer, we need background checks, driving records, you need to sign up for an ethics class and each class has requirements for the E2 trips. Also, please keep up with your tuition payments. We do not want you to get behind and have issues with payments.

This week we will begin fire drills, emergency drills, and earthquakes safety drills. You may want to speak with your child about this, so they do not get scared when the alarms go off. We need to do these tests every month.

Several classes will begin their E2’s this week. Due to the fires a few classes will need to change locations or move to another date. The Guides will inform you of the plans and places for the upcoming trips. Please contact them if you are unsure or have questions regarding the E2’s.

We are off to a great start. Please keep in contact with your Guides. I’m here to serve you in any manner that you would like to discuss. Thank you again for allowing us to serve your family and especially your child(ren).

Blessings as we begin another week of learning. Mass will be celebrated on Thursday at 9:00. All are welcome to attend. Father Ted is the new priest at St. Joseph and will be with us. Some of you may or may not know that Father John moved to California.

Sister Therese
Head of School