Hello FMES Community,

Here are your updates and upcoming volunteer opportunities for this week: 

Party Up at the Downs Auction:  The auction is next Saturday!  We are still looking for volunteers to make it all happen.  Check out the sign up sheet for all the details!  Auction Volunteer Sign Up 

FMES Children’s Choir:  It’s not too late to join the FMES Children’s Choir! With a rockin’ live band performance, our students will have a blast — not only learning music, but experiencing music to the fullest in an incredible way! Students learn the value of collaborative musicianship in a fun-filled environment complete with part-singing and individual performance opportunities! Lower Elementary (Tuesdays) and Upper Elementary(Thursdays) both run for 11 weeks, from 3:30 – 4:30. The final performance on May 25th at 5:30 is one that you won’t want to miss! 

           Don’t miss out!  Classes begin March 9th.  ($119 or 2 payments of $60)

          Contact Brooke at hello@portlandmusicanddance.com or text at 503-287-5028.

                                                Enroll Today!

Lost & Found:  The next removal date for all Lost & Found items is Thursday, March 23rd!  Please continue to check the rack and retrieve any missing items.  

Meet the Maker:  Our annual Meet the Maker event will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2017 in the evening.  Mark your calendars and watch for more information in future blasts!  Volunteers will be need for this event as well…a sign up sheet will be out soon.  

Thanks everyone,